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We started out in construction in the 70’s, building homes from “earth to roof” with our bare hands. We moved on to become licensed contractors and built spec and custom homes, as well as renovating relics and light commercial properties. Inspections came along 17 years ago. All that time building, inspecting, and training means we know what to look for and use that experience to your benefit when we inspect your home.

We are a fundamental part of selling, buying and improving any home. It’s important to hire an experienced building inspector who has the proper education and hands-on training required to fully understand a property from each angle.

Serving North and South Carolina

We offer several different home inspection options for you to choose from to ensure that your inspection is tailored to your needs. You are encouraged to meet us at the home to personally go over our findings. We then provide you with an easy to read report that has informative descriptions and pictures that will educate you on what you need to know before you buy or renovate your home.

The service doesn’t end there. If you have questions at any time in the future, you can access your report online or give us a call. We are your home inspection professionals.

The Difference

Finding the right building inspector is a hard and time consuming process. Avoid this hassle by condensing the process with these tricks and tips. For those who are doing this for the first time, we advise you to try it by yourself. Mostly, property inspections are performed with the same criterion and standards. These may include quality of the walls, ceiling, floors, roofing, apertures, and the rooms. Do your walls have cracks or is just the paint chipping off? Is your roof leaking? Do you have well maintained floors? In what condition is your electrical and plumbing system? Make sure all these are in good shape as you take into consideration that the pipelines, wiring and electrical cables are in perfect condition.

  • We have two licensed building inspectors and both of us are at most inspections so that you have twice the experience working for you.
  • We use infrared cameras to scan the home for hidden problems.
  • We walk on most roofs which is more effective than using binoculars (like most inspectors do).
  • We physically crawl through crawl spaces where many of the problems in North Carolina homes are found.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Sale Home Inspection




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Investor Five Point

Thermal Imaging

It works like this

You call (best way to get a quick quote) or email us with which types of inspections you might want and give us an address so we can look at the house (using the wonders of modern online technology). We will then give you (often right away) a no obligation quote.

Call us and we’ll take the time to explain what’s involved with each inspection and how it may or may not benefit you. Then, you can decide which inspections are right for you. Again, no obligation, because we want you to be happy with our services so you’ll tell all your house-buying friends and family about us (and maybe come up with that birthday gift).


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